Saturday, 22 September 2012

New Unofficial Bellini recipe book to be launched soon!

Thank you for your patience while I have been offline!  I am back to posting an look forward to bring you more delicious recipes over the months ahead! 

In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to this blog by email (email subsrciption is on the top left of this blog).  This way, you will be notified by email when I post new recipes or news.  By the way... stay tuned for my recipe book, to be released soon!  Yet another reason to submit your email address so that I can notify you when it's available! 

Happy cooking! 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Spicy Roast pumpkin and Cashew Dip: Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master Recipes: ThermoFoodPro SuperChef Recipes

I used to buy spicy roast pumpkin and cashew dip at the supermarket, until I realised just how easy it is to do in the kitchen, with a little help from a great appliance.   You can make this recipe with the Maxi SuperChef or The Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master.  I served this with warm ciabatta, and it was delicious.  You may want to alter the amount of chilli, depending on your level of tollerance  (or love) of spice.  I hope you enjoy my recipes - I love cooking and love to share, and love to receive feedback! 

Bellini Kitchen Master and Maxi SuperChef Recipes: Garlic, Cheese, Chive, and Cracked Pepper Mashed Potato

Mashed potato is always a favourite in our house.  To mix things up a little, I like to add some different herbs.  Try this yummy garlic, cheese, chive and cracked pepper mash.  It's so quick and easy, and complements almost any meal. 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Maxi SuperChef Recipes: Get up and Go Banana muesli Brekkie Smoothie

Get Up and Go Smoothie for a Self Confessed Maxi SuperChef addict! 

Try this little baby, for a burst of energy which will last you right through to lunch time!  You can add other ingredients such as wheatgerm or tofu to make it thicker, or swap  the bananas for berries or another fruit to suit your taste.  Packed with goodness, great for kids and adults too.  This yummy drink will give you great slow burn energy and plenty of get up and go! 

Maxi Thermofoodpro SuperChef Recipe: Spicy Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

Trying to cook wholesome meals which the whole family will enjoy, as well as keep up with a career is always a struggle.  Well recently I bought a Maxi ThermoFoodPro SuperChef, and life is much easier!  Now, all of our meals are cooked from scratch, no more packet meals.  And it's oh so quick an easy!  Here is a recipe I came up with last week - we've had it twice and the whole family LOVES it!  Add more or less chilli flakes, depending on how spicy you family likes it.  Enjoy!