Sunday, 19 August 2012

Maxi SuperChef Recipes: Get up and Go Banana muesli Brekkie Smoothie

Get Up and Go Smoothie for a Self Confessed Maxi SuperChef addict! 

Try this little baby, for a burst of energy which will last you right through to lunch time!  You can add other ingredients such as wheatgerm or tofu to make it thicker, or swap  the bananas for berries or another fruit to suit your taste.  Packed with goodness, great for kids and adults too.  This yummy drink will give you great slow burn energy and plenty of get up and go! 

4 bananas
50 g oats
30 g nuts (we use pecans and hazelnuts)
500 g milk
100 g natural yoghurt
15 g honey
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

1. Put oats, nuts and nutmeg into the bowl.
Mix: 5 secs
Speed: 8
2. Add bananas, honey, yoghurt and milk.
Blend: 15 secs
Speed: 7.
3. Mix
Time:  20secs
Speed: 8

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